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10 Things You Didn't Know About Wild West Shows

Head ‘em up and move ‘em out, ya’ll; it’s time to go to the Wild West! Experience the thrill as you watch sharpshooters, rope tricks, and more at Silver Dollar City's Wild West Show only through October 14, during National Crafts & Cowboy Festival! Get a taste for what it was like watching Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley perform during this fan favorite show on park.

World-Champion Hoop Dancer Nakotah LaRance

But before you head over to Red Gold Heritage Hall to watch this show, take a minute to learn where wild west shows originated and some fun facts about these wildly popular shows!

1. Though Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is the most commonly known show, shows of this nature are thought to have been around since the sixteenth century and originated from France.

2. Buffalo Bill opened his Wild West Show in Omaha, Nebraska in May of 1883.

3. At its largest, Buffalo Bill’s show carried at least five hundred cast and staff members.

Image Credit: New York Public Library

4. Annie Oakley gained fame by joining Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show as not only a female sharpshooter, but the best sharpshooter, male or female.

5. Many of the acts within a wild west show were based on real life events that occurred, such as stagecoach robberies and Custer’s Last Stand.

6. Buffalo Bill performed his Wild West Show for Queen Victoria in 1887, during her Golden Jubilee.

Image Credit: New York Public Library

7. Wild West Shows were the forerunners to what we know as ‘Westerns’.

8. Sitting Bull performed in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, where he donned full war attire and rode on horseback during the opening procession.  

9. Wild West shows dramatized the reality of the west in an effort to make it more appealing to eastern audiences.

10. The popularity of Wild West shows died down during the rise of film.

Silver Dollar City's Wild West Show

Take a step back in time and experience what it would have been like to be at a Wild West Show during its heyday. Silver Dollar City's Wild West Show ends October 14th. Make plans to visit this weekend!

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