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Delicious Wishes: A Holiday Snack Guide

What makes visiting Silver Dollar City® at Christmas different than any other time of the year?

There are so many ways to answer that question, but the most common answers focus on the park’s appearance and entertainment. With spectacular holiday shows on every stage and over 6.5 million lights, it’s easy to see why Good Morning America named us a Top 5 Spot To Light Up The Holidays.

There’s another thing that sets An Old Time Christmas® apart from our other festivals — the food!

Every November and December, our award-winning restaurants add sweet and savory seasonal specialties to their menus. Combined with the delectable treats we offer all year long, Silver Dollar City is the place where a foodie’s Christmas wishes come true.

But with so much to enjoy, where do you begin? We at the Silver Dollar City Attractions blog put together this guide to help you eat your way through the park on a delicious food adventure!

Sweet & Savory Snacks on a Stick

There’s a lot to see and do at this time of year, so portability is a big plus when it comes to snacks. The handiness of these treats is matched only by their scrumptiousness:

At Tater Twist on Valley Road, you’ll find crispy fried potatoes spiraled on a stick, or choose a heartier option in the form of a Tater Twist Dog. Add a variety of spices to either for extra unbelievable flavors.

The Farmer’s Market in Wilson’s Farm is where you’ll find fried Oreos, a decadent treat that travels well.

If you’re looking for a mobile meal, head to Tom Sawyer’s Handmade Pretzels in the Riverfront. You’ll find foot-long bratwursts and hot dogs wrapped in homemade pretzel dough until golden brown. Yum!

Walking Tacos

Only available during An Old Time Christmas, these popular portable treats feature Doritos, seasoned beef and classic toppings neatly contained for you to enjoy on the go.

Find this limited-time treat near Hannah’s Ice Cream and take it with you to the nearby Christmas On Main Street or Christmas In Midtown® displays, each featuring more than 1 million dazzling lights!


Concession stands near Dockside Grill and Hatfield’s Tater Patch serve up sliced apples drizzled with creamy caramel (above left) and warm apple dumplings topped with cinnamon ice cream (above right). The latter confection is also available at Fireman’s Refreshments near the Opera House. Be sure to grab one on your way out of A Dickens’ Christmas Carol, one of the park’s two Broadway-style musicals!

If you’re looking for even more apples, visit the Apple Butter Shop in Homestead Ridge or Eva & Delilah’s Bakery at the park entrance for delicious apple turnovers. All these sweet delights are crowd favorites!


If you thought s’mores couldn’t get any better then you haven’t had these! Near the Lumbercamp on Hugo’s Hill Street, you can toast your own giant marshmallow over a crackling fire and then place it between two rich chocolate chip cookies with decadent fudge sauce for the ultimate indulgence.

Kettle Chips with Marshmallow Drizzle

Next door to the s’mores stand, you’ll find a seasonal specialty at Chester’s Kettle Chips. Sliced sweet potatoes are fried until tender and crisp, then drizzled with a delightful marshmallow cream.

Funnel Cakes

Is there anything better than a hot funnel cake on a cool winter evening? These popular treats are available at a variety of restaurants across the park, with different options available at each location.

Cakes & Cones (Valley Road): Classic; Red Velvet; Oreo Cookies & Cream; Chocolate Chip; Apple Butter.

Fanny’s Famous Funnel Cakes (Valley Road): Classic; Oreo Cookies & Cream; Strawberry & Chocolate Chip; Time Travelers’. Inspired by our new roller coaster, the latter is an ultra-sweet new chocolate funnel cake drizzled with marshmallow cream and topped with shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

Farmer’s Market (Wilson’s Farm): Classic; Oreo Cookies & Cream; Fried Oreo Hot Fudge; Outlaw Run. Inspired by another coaster, the Outlaw Run cake is topped with chocolate, caramel and sea salt!

Flossie’s Fried Fancies (Hugo’s Hill Street): Original; Red Velvet; Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheese Cake; Apple Caramel Cheese Cake.

No matter which option you choose, you won’t regret it!

Baked Goods

The holidays are a time when baked goods really rise to superstar status, and Silver Dollar City is famous for its baked confections. There are two places on park where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Eva & Delilah’s has pastries, brownies, cookies and, of course, gourmet cinnamon rolls. Christmas specialties include their famous ginger molasses cookies and bread pudding. Plus, take home a handcrafted Silver Dollar City fruitcake in a decorative tin, or even have it shipped to you!

Cinnamon Bubble Bread

Sullivan’s Mill is renowned for its fresh baked cinnamon bread, but they also have a selection of cookies and more. Stop by this shop in Midtown and sample the new Time Traveler® cinnamon bread, drizzled with chocolate and caramel. Have some during your visit, and take some home for later.

Hot Beverages

There are few things more comforting than a hot beverage in your hands. Sip a steaming cup of your favorite drink and enjoy a few moments of sheer holiday bliss.

Hot chocolate is probably the quintessential holiday beverage and Silver Dollar City takes it to the next level by topping it with marshmallows, whipped topping, chocolate chips and a candy cane. This hot chocolate with “the works” is available at Sarah’s Hot Chocolate (Main Street), Miner’s Break Time (Valley Road, near Time Traveler) and The Coke Stand (Riverfront, near Boatworks Theater).

At both the Silver Dollar Saloon (Hugo’s Hill Street) and Hannah’s Ice Cream (Main Street), you can order a “Snowball” — hot chocolate with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. For traditionalists, plain hot chocolate and hot cider is available at a variety of other locations across the park.

Another traditional Christmas beverage is wassail. This spiced cider is a holiday staple at Silver Dollar City. Grab some take-home packets as well to enjoy this classic beverage at home.



Nothing warms the soul quite like a cup of hot soup, and Silver Dollar City has added five soups to the menus this Christmas.

Wagon Works (Hugo’s Hill Street) offers Potato Soup, Cheeseburger Chowder, Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Soup and Chili. Lumbercamp (Hugo’s Hill Street) also offers Cheeseburger Soup — and both of these locations offer their soups in a delicious and edible bread bowl.

A new addition this year, Traveler’s Stop (Valley Road) gives you the option to add a cup of Tomato Bisque soup to your fried chicken or grilled cheese sandwich.

Of course, this is just a sampling of the amazing variety of incredible treats served up all over the park during Christmas! We know that there will be some tough decisions ahead: S’mores or apple dumplings…tater dog or pretzel dog? Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong!

Be sure to download the official Silver Dollar City app before your visit. You’ll find full menus for all of the park’s restaurants, an interactive map and even more helpful planning information for your trip.

An Old Time Christmas® is presented by Humana®.

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