Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Don't Miss The Boat - Just 4 Princess & Pirate Cruises Left!

Imagine a place where dreams become reality. A place where princesses, dressed in their very best ball gowns, sing and dance for all to see, and pirates scream and shout whilst looking for their buried treasure. Wouldn’t that be a sight?!

Stop imagining and prepare to embark on the most magical of cruises on the Showboat Branson Belle! With only four Princess & Pirate Cruises remaining, it’s time to seize the day and climb aboard. Curious to see just exactly what you’re signing up for? Use this itinerary to learn the ins and outs of this fantastical adventure!

9:50am - Arrive at the Showboat Branson Belle, dressed in your best princess or pirate outfit
10:00am - Climb aboard the Showboat Branson Belle
10:05am - Meet the balloon artist and get a balloon
10:15am - Take a picture with the princesses and pirates
10:20am - Get your face painted like a fairy princess or brave pirate
10: 40am - Color a lovely picture while preparing to set sail
10:50am - Head up to the top deck for the Sail Away dance party!
11:00am - Sit down for a meal fit for a king or queen
11:45am - Sit back, relax, and be entertained while watching the all new show, If You Can Dream!
12:30pm - Return to shore! 

Please note: The above itinerary is applicable to Sunday Princess & Pirate Cruises. Saturday cruises begin at 9am, with boarding and activities beginning at 8am. A pancake breakfast will be served in lieu of the lunch menu.

Don’t wait any longer to experience this fairy tale come to life; with the only remaining cruises on August 5, 6, 12, and 13, it’s time to book your tickets now!

Insider tip: Season pass holders can save up to $15 per ticket on Princess & Pirate Cruises! Get yours today!

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