Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fabulous Food To Try This Fall

Fall has arrived and we are ready to feast on the flavors it has to offer! Here are just a few of our favorite fall eats at The City that you won’t want to miss out on during your next visit.

Turkey Legs

Not just a Silver Dollar City staple, the turkey leg is a must-eat on your next trip to the park. Truly, nothing feels more fall than walking around park, holding a turkey leg and eating it as you’re surrounded by falling leaves and pumpkins galore. Or, if you’re wanting to take your turkey leg to the next level, stop by Annie's Grill Shack and try the bacon-wrapped turkey leg for fresh spin on this classic snack.

Calico Potatoes

Coming up, one piping hot bowl of freshly fried potatoes! Stop at Hatfield’s Tater Patch for this classic dish filled with white potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, seasonings, and sausage. Your taste buds will sing when you bite into this symphony of fall flavors!

Succotash and Skillets

Nothing screams fall more than a hearty skillet meal. The steam coming off of a bowl of Buckshot's Skillet's Family Feud Succotash or Harvest Skillet against the backdrop of a cool fall day is just the thing to warm you up! With seven different types of skillets to try at locations throughout the park, it will be hard to choose just one to enjoy!

Maple Bacon Fritter

This delectable desserts will have you drooling at the very sight of it. Made fresh to order at The Fry Bread Company, these doughy pockets of deliciousness topped with a bacon and a maple drizzle are the quintessential fall dessert, and will keep you coming back for more with their salty and sweet flavors.

With a variety of offers going on now, a trip to taste all of these fall eats is easier than ever! Learn about all of the special offers we have going on now and get ready to eat until your heart’s content!

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