Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Foods of Wonder - A Culinary Adventure

Prepare your taste buds for fascinating flavors, curious combinations and delectable delights at Foods of Wonder – A Culinary Adventure in the Frisco Freight Barn only during the all-new Festival of Wonder, April 6 – 30.

The Festival of Wonder, billed as “a most amazing entertainment experience” is all about incredible performers that remind us that “awe” is the most important part of the word awesome. From unusual instruments including the world’s largest playable stringed instrument to amazing feats like speed painting, the sights and sounds are sure to be absolutely dazzling and the flavors promise to be just as spectacular.

Here’s your official guide to the adventure that lies ahead!

Gourmet Grilled Cheeses

Insane Vegetable Garden Grilled Cheese

This comfort food favorite gets some creative additions and the results are simply mouthwatering.

On the menu: Ultimate Nine Cheese Grilled Cheese, Insane Vegetable Garden Grilled Cheese, Chicken & Spinach Grilled Cheese and Apple & Bacon Grilled Cheese

The World of Bacon

Pork Belly Fries with Bacon Aioli

Is there any limit to the foods that can be enhanced by delicious bacon? Our taste buds say no…

On the menu: Pork Belly Fries, Pretzel Wrapped Bacon, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Cannoli, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewer, Ultimate Bacon Brownie and Bacon Crispy Treat

Outrageous Eats

Monster Fry Bread

Come dine on the wild side with these innovative (and yummy) creations.

On the menu: Monster Fry Bread, Donut Burger and Donut Dog

Outrageous Sweets

Key Lime Cupcake

Try some next level desserts that will knock your socks off.

On the menu: Key Lime Cupcake, Orange Dream Cupcake, Coconut Cupcake, Maple Bacon Danish, Key Lime Danish and Gourmet Brownies

Flavorful Salads

Southwest Salad

These fresh salads are anything but ordinary!

On the menu: Southwest Salad, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Italian Salad and Bean & Pepper Protein Salad

Curious Kabobs

Shark Kabob with Rice

Move over chicken. Adventurous eaters can try an array of uncommon delicacies.

On the menu: Frog Legs, Shark, Alligator or Sampler Platter served with Rice.

Fry Bread Heaven

Maple Bacon Fritter

Explore a paradise of heavenly fry bread with toppings both sweet and savory.

On the menu: Cajun Shrimp Fry Bread, Nutella S'mores Fry Bread, Taco Fry Bread and Maple Bacon Fritter

The World is Flat

Fresh Fruit Flatbread

The bread may be flat, but we guarantee the flavors are anything but.

On the menu: Strawberry Chicken Flatbread, Avocado BLT Flatbread, Shrimp Mango Flatbread and Fresh Fruit Flatbread

Big Batch Cooking

Big Batch Crawfish Boil

Savor the tastes of the bayou with Louisiana-style big batch cooking.

On the menu: Gumbo, Jambalaya and Crawfish Boil

Blended Beverages

Red Velvet Milkshake

These creamy, dreamy shakes are happiness in a mason jar.

On the menu: Orange Cream Shake, Red Velvet Shake and Gourmet Brownie Shake

Are you hungry yet? Us, too! See you starting April 6 for the all-new Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City!

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