Friday, September 8, 2017

From Our Home To Yours

There is something undeniably special about a hand-made object. Whether it’s a heartfelt gift from a loved one or a piece of gorgeous art created by a master craftsman, there is a quality that sets these items apart from the everyday things that you might find in a store, sitting on a shelf next to dozens of identical copies. The essence that makes handcrafted items more beautiful than others is easy to define, though. It’s soul. It’s the time, intention and humanity that went into the object’s creation. It is the thing that turns a little clay and a little glaze into something so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Hazel's Blown Glass

The spirit of craftsmanship has been an integral part of Silver Dollar City since the park’s beginning, and it continues to thrive among the 100 resident craftsmen who demonstrate their prowess in shops throughout The City. All season long, we’ve been celebrating our heritage of craftsmanship with The Year of Food & Crafts, shining the spotlight on these incredibly talented, hard-working artisans and the one-of-a-kind items they create.

Handcrafted rolling pins from the Duplicating Lathe

The quality and attention to detail is evident in everything they produce, from handcrafted furniture and hand-carved mantels to expertly forged blades and exquisitely designed leather goods.

Hand-tooled belts from Mountain Leather Shop

Insider tip: Whether your dream is to fill your home with incredible works of art from Silver Dollar City’s incredibly talented craftsmen, or to give handcrafted treasures to your loved ones this Christmas, the new Craft Loyalty Program can help you make it happen and save you money, too.  You can become a member at any Silver Dollar City craft location and begin enjoying benefits including:

  • Instant Reward At Sign Up; Save $10 On The Purchase Of A Silver Dollar City Handcrafted Item Of $50 Or More
  • Every $100 Spent On Silver Dollar City Handcrafted Product Earns Coupon For $5 Off $25 Purchase
  • First Access To New & Limited Edition Crafts
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet Opportunities With Craftsmen
  • When You Spend $500 On Silver Dollar City Handcrafted Product By Dec. 31, ’17, Get A FREE SDC Hand Blown Ornament

Learn more about all of Silver Dollar City's Craftsmen and the New Craft Loyalty Program!

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