Monday, October 31, 2016
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From The Blacksmith's Hammer

Silver Dollar City has had a longstanding love and deep respect for the blacksmith. Starting with The City’s first blacksmith and mayor Shad Heller and coming full circle to Wayne Rice and Brad Johnson our current day “smithies."

Rice grew up visiting the park as a kid when his family would make the short trip from Ozark several times a year and little Wayne came along to ride rides when his father would make deliveries to the park. During high school he would learn the love of the forge and became really good at making things out of metal by the strength of the fire, his hammer and his hands. For 13 years now Wayne has graced the Wilderness Road Blacksmith Shop with his talent and delighted guests with demonstrations.

Johnson on the other hand has been with The City for 24 years starting in the knife shop and moving to the beloved blacksmith shop only 4 years ago, but he’s no stranger to the forge! Brad’s story began in New Mexico at the age of 19 where he took to the anvil and hammer at an interpretive living history camp living the life of a resident blacksmith.

Silver Dollar City blacksmiths make everything from fireplace sets and the ever popular Rose Petal Key Chain to tools such as nails, hooks, bottle openers and of course knives. The most popular is the Horseshoe Knife made out of nothing more than an ordinary stamped horseshoe. The novelty knife is a wonder with the blacksmith firing, twisting and turning the low carbon steel from its original use into a tool of rugged beauty with no two being alike.

Stop by Wilderness Road Blacksmith Shop located just off The City’s Square and watch Wayne and his fellow blacksmith, Brad Johnson, create something extra special with nothing more than a little metal, fire and a hammer!

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