Friday, October 28, 2016
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Glass That Will Blow You Away

Delicate by nature and striking from creation is the art of glassblowing. Take a trip down to Hazel’s Blown Glass Factory on Valley Road where continuous demonstrations by a team of four passionate and talented craftsmen take place every day.

Watch as each creation begins with a gathering of molten glass from the “Day Tank” at 2200 degrees. The glass is then transferred to the “Glory Hole” where at 2400 degrees it’s heated “white hot” to become workable in the artists’ hands. Many tools are used to shape the glass and the work of art will revisit the Glory Hole time and time again to be reheated during the process. But, once the artisan gets it to the point of perfection, it will be placed in the 900 degreesAnnealar” where the glass slowly cools at this final stage.

As addictive as it is to watch each piece come to life, it’s an even bigger addiction to pick out the perfect pieces to enhance or start a collection from our uber-talented craftsmen who each have varied and unique styles.

Shawn Watt is the shop’s Master Craftsman. Watt’s love for glass began in high school and has grown since into a luminous and very distinct look. He has worked in studios around the country and even across the globe

“It’s exciting to not only be a part of the 5,000 year history of glassmakers in general, but even more fulfilling to be a part of the rich heritage of craftsmen at The City!” 

Watt is surrounded by the creative geniuses of Kaden Myers, Tim Weldon and Sam Aldridge. Come watch each of these world-class artisans demonstrate and get their  stories.

A famed Silver Dollar City craftsman once said, “…long after I’m gone, there will be all of these pieces of me that will live on.” Take home your “piece” of the City from Hazel’s Blown Glass Factory today!

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