Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy National Fudge Day From Brown's Candy Factory!

Though we like to think of every day at Silver Dollar City as fudge day, June 16 is National Fudge Day!


While the exact origins of fudge cannot be traced, many historians believe that the decadent treat we call fudge was actually a case of candy making gone wrong! It is said that on Valentine’s Day, 1886, a Baltimore confectioner and chocolate maker was making a batch of French caramels when she “fudged” the recipe. The result? The smooth, sweet treat affectionately known today as fudge.

Whether this tale is true or not, we’re just thankful that fudge made its way to the Ozarks kitchen of the Brown family! Brown’s Candy Factory, home to the resident candy family on park, is filled to the brim with all things sweet. With an abundance of candies, peanut brittle, and chocolate covered strawberries, just one step inside results in a sugar coma. But of all the sweet treats they make, the craftsmen at Brown's excel at the fine art of fudge making.

Led by the matriarch, Aunt June, Brown’s turns out 90,000 lbs. of candy each year. As Master Candy Maker, Aunt June says she has the sweetest job on earth. A candy maker for five decades, she has hundreds of flavors to her credit and is always dreaming up new concoctions. “I love candy,” she says.

With thirteen different flavors of fudge, trying to decide which one to try is anything but a walk in the park. But take some time to think about it as you watch Aunt June and the rest of her family make that famous fudge during a candy making demonstration. Though they may not give away all of their secrets, watching the Brown family in action is quite a sight to see!

Once you’ve watched the fudge making process from start to finish, and maybe had a sample or two, you’ll have to decide which flavor you want to take home. With classics like chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter fudge to the more adventurous flavors such as German chocolate and S’mores, there’s no doubt you’ll find a flavor to appease your appetite!

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