Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holiday Meals To Remember

Food is a vital thread woven prominently throughout the tapestry of our memories. A flavor can instantly transport us back to a special place in time, and recalling fond memories at the table with loved ones, you can almost taste a meal shared together across miles and years.

Your family memories at Silver Dollar City this Christmas are sure to be filled with flavor as you taste your way through great food in every corner of the park, from handcrafted burgers at Wagon Works Grill on the Square to brick oven pies at Crossroads Pizza. Plus, find holiday spreads (almost) as good as Mom’s at three home-style buffets. Here’s your insider’s guide to dining during Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas festival.

Bountiful Buffets

There is nothing like coming together with family and friends for a festive holiday feast. There’s really only one thing that could possibly make it more enjoyable – not cooking it! Silver Dollar City has three holiday buffets to please any palate:

Molly's Mill Holiday Harvest Buffet

Molly’s Mill – If you’re looking for traditional holiday comfort food then look no further. The Holiday Harvest buffet has honey glazed ham, juicy roast turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, savory dressing and so much more.

Reunion Hall – Sink your teeth into heavenly slow smoked prime rib, root beer glazed ham, tender scalloped potatoes, classic green bean casserole…we could go on, but we’re getting too hungry.

Lucky Silver Mine – This one has a barbecue twist for a little something different. Enjoy savory pulled pork, glazed smoked chicken, hearty miner’s stew and an array of mouthwatering sides like rich and creamy macaroni & cheese, crispy fried okra and flavorful green beans.

All three restaurants are conveniently located on the City’s Square and feature family-style seating. Garden fresh salad bar and your choice of a delicious dessert are included.

Sizzling Skillets

7 taste-tempting skillet dishes at 5 giant skillet locations throughout the park produce one-plate meals with complex flavor profiles featuring a variety of meats and vegetables.

Family Feud Succotash at Buckshot Skillet

Buckshot Skillet is famous for its Family Feud Succotash (Chicken, Okra, Corn, Peppers and Onions) & Harvest Medley (Sausage, Potatoes, Wax Beans, Peppers & Onions).

Hatfield’s Tater Patch’s signature dish is Calico Potatoes (sliced white & sweet potatoes with onions and sausage)

Ribhouse Grill boasts a Pulled Pork Skillet featuring slow smoked melt-in-your-mouth   pulled pork with savory fried potatoes and onions.

Lumbercamp Falls Skillet has two equally delicious offerings: Sausage Medley (Smoked sausage, roasted red skin potatoes, red & green peppers, onion and sweet corn) and the Campfire Skillet (grilled chicken, smoked sausage, red skin potatoes, green & yellow string beans and carrots)

Dockside Grill is home to the Southwest Skillet, a tantalizingly tasty combo of grilled chicken, peppers and onions and more.

Soups and More

Steaming soups and traditional country favorites that will stick-to-your-ribs and warm you from the inside are also available at numerous locations. And of course, you can’t go wrong with delicious burgers, crispy fried chicken and hot cheesy pizza, if that’s most to your taste. Here is just a small sample of the impressive options:

Ham & Beans and Chili

Wagon Works Grill & Lumbercamp Burgers – Hand-crafted burgers and homemade soups in a bread bowl

Mary’s Springhouse – Golden fried chicken, creamy ham & beans, open-face roast beef and spaghetti and meatballs

Crossroads Pizza – Crispy, cheesy deliciousness with a variety of toppings to choose from

Riverside Ribhouse – Smoky, tender ribs, pulled pork, brisket, your favorite barbecue sides and more

We hope that the meals you share with family and friends at Silver Dollar City this Christmas give you warm memories to savor for years to come! In our next dining guide we’ll be taking you on a tour of festive snacks and holiday sweets.

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