Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Bacon Day!

Happy National Bacon Day!*

Once  thought of as merely a breakfast food, in recent years bacon has really come into its own as a deliciously versatile ingredient and a welcome addition to just about any type of dish. Creative cooks have discovered that salty, smoky bacon can complement even the most unexpected flavors and now it graces snacks, desserts, candies and even beverages.

During Silver Dollar City’s new Festival of Wonder, April 6 – 30, a whole menu of delightful bacon specialties will be available to satisfy your craving for culinary adventure. The deliciously unusual creations include savory fare like Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs and Pretzel Wrapped Bacon as well as sweet treats such as Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon Cannoli and Chocolate Covered Bacon just to name a few.

The World Of Bacon menu is just a taste of the over 200 innovative new menu items debuting during The Year Of Food & Crafts in 2017. Each festival will spotlight new recipes that you’ll need to experience to believe. Take a preview of the year to come and get your 2017 Season Pass by January 31 for your last chance to receive free Guest Vouchers! 

*Not to be confused with International Bacon Day, September 2, 2017.


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