Friday, October 28, 2016

Mountain Leather

Tucked behind the Wilderness Church just off the beaten path of Hugo’s Hill Street lies the Moutain Leather Shop. Home to the finest leather wares and Master Craftsmen, Vada Swearingen, the shop eagerly awaits guests looking for handcrafted leather pieces.

Vada has been working with leather for over 25 years when first learning to sew on her grandmother’s sewing machine. Shortly after learning how to sew leather boots, she found herself integrated into the popular business that calls Southwest Missouri home—Justin Boots. Based on her talent and ability, it wasn’t long after that numerous craftsmen from around the area were eager to steal her away! Being the Home of American Craftsmanship, Silver Dollar City was one such place that found Vada’s skills impressive and genuine and thought she would make a unique addition to The City’s Mountain Leather Shop over 15 years ago.

Vada is not the only craftsman residing at the Mountain Leather shop. Randy Morris also tools leather wares for guests specializing in the stamping and personalization of leather. Together Vada and Randy constantly look to create new products. Mountain Leather is the home of handcrafted wallets, leather jackets, ponchos and vests, leather bound journals, jewelry, and most popular, leather hats and belts. Not only do the leather belts come with various designs and themes such as forestry, homestead and western, but they are also made available for personalization. Because leather molds to the wearer, it guarantees a perfect fit every time!

Stop by the Mountain Leather Shop to see all of Vada and Randy’s featured items and meet these talented artisans yourself!

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