Friday, March 30, 2018

NEW At The Festival Of Wonder

Think you’ve seen (and heard and tasted) it all? Silver Dollar City’s Festival of Wonder will show you that the world is still full of unexpected experiences that will wow all of your senses, including your sense of wonder. Imagine gorgeous music played on instruments you’ve never heard before. Envision watching incredible works of art created at an astonishing speed. Picture gravity itself turned upside down. This is The Festival of Wonder


Beautiful music is played in concert halls across the world every day, but suppose the concert hall becomes the instrument. The Earth Harp, the world’s longest playable stringed instrument, will span the length of Red Gold Heritage Hall, played by visionary musician and inventor William Close, as the strings vibrate above the audience’s heads. The Earth Harp Collective also features a number of other ingenious instruments including the drum cloud, the aquatar and more.


This new show in the Opera House brings to the stage some of the most talented performers from across the US to amaze and delight audiences with incredible feats of skill and imagination. Starring world record holders and former America's Got Talent competitors, this electrifying act features the most unique and unusual artists to be found in a single show. You'll see out-of-this-world contortionists, an extreme pole balancing duo, extreme juggling, a slack wire acrobat and more.


Can you believe your eyes? Be sure to join us in the Riverfront Playhouse for this fun new show and find out.  Master illusionist Vitaly Beckman has mystified fans from all over the world. From bringing pictures and drawings to life to erasing people from their own driver's licenses, Vitaly's signature illusions are sure to leave you awestruck.


Watch as speed painter Ricardo Barazza turns blank canvases into incredible pop art portraits at a jaw-dropping pace – finishing a painting in under 5 minutes. Even more amazing, each painting begins upside down! As bold colors wildly hit the canvas in frenetic strokes and splashes, the unrecognizable shapes begin to transform into highly recognizable cultural icons. Don’t miss this lively and engaging show in Dockside Theater.

Harp & Hang Drum

An instrument with ancient origins, and one that has been in existence for less than two decades come together to produce sublime music in Harp & Hang Drum performing in Boatworks Theater. The traditional beauty of Marianne Gubri’s harp and the ethereal tones of Paolo Borghi’s hang drum, a UFO shaped instrument with a warm metallic sound invented in 2000, blend perfectly to create a gorgeous sound you need to hear to believe.


Witness the world's best extreme pogo crew as they fly 10 feet in the air, throwing down flips and incredible tricks. They have performed over 10,000 shows in 22 countries and hold 13 world records.


This entertaining and informative performance takes guests on a musical journey through different times, countries and cultures. Zenkl's repertoire includes Bluegrass, classical, Latin, swing, folk/world music and instruments from six different continents — you never know what tune is coming next!

Prepare to be amazed! The Festival of Wonder runs from April 11 – 29 (Wed-Sun). See operating calendar for details.

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