Monday, October 24, 2016

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bread

The aroma of fresh bread, cookies and gourmet coffee will lead you to this midtown shop where baking and milling are demonstrated daily. Meet our baker, Andrew Duncan, hard at work creating fresh from the oven specialties like warm ooey gooey Cinnamon Bread drizzled with icing or plain. It is a fact that Cinnamon Bread is at its very best straight out of the oven and that’s a good thing, because Andrew can hardly keep up with all the requests!

In addition to Silver Dollar City signature food items, Sullivan’s Mill also stocks an impressive selection of food mixes and milled goods which craftsman Frank Capps produces at our authentic turn-of-the-century water-powered gristmill. Watch as he grinds wheat or corn into flour or meal and taste a sample of our fresh baked breads before picking out that special take-home treat.

Stroll through the wide assortment of unique kitchen accessories including an assortment of cookbooks and the country's largest selection of cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes that covers an entire name it, we got it! Plus, pick up a little something to go with your bread like Limited Edition Honey Butter.

Stop into Sullivan’s Mill today, located behind Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory. Doors open when The City’s Square opens up at 8:30am each morning!

INSIDER SECRET: Cinnamon Bread makes a wonderful breakfast and an even better afternoon snack or take-home treat that tastes just as good warmed a 2nd time!

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