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Ready To Ride: The Classics

When we talk about something being classic several qualities come to mind: enduring, beloved, nostalgic and timeless, just to name a few. All of these words are fitting descriptors for Silver Dollar City’s most time-honored rides, which have been providing fun and memories for families for decades and continue to delight guests today!

Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train

A train robbery from the early 60s.

There’s an unsung thrill that many have encountered during a day at Silver Dollar City. Amid the sounds of children laughing, roller coasters zooming and live music, the whistle of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train suddenly punctuates the air, and if you’re close enough, the unexpected blare is enough to send you straight up in the air and leave you giggling.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line has been a signature attraction and family tradition for many since 1962. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a leisurely tour of Silver Dollar City as you take in the beautiful Ozark scenery. Just watch out for bandits in those hills. We’ve heard that the notorious Bolin brothers have been spotted skulking around in the woods.

The Flooded Mine

Silver Dollar City map circa 1972 featuring The Flooded Mine, The Train and new attraction Fire-In-The-Hole.

There’s trouble over at the county prison mine and the warden, N.O. Perole, needs your help! The water is rising fast and the convicts are trying to escape. Hop into an ore cart and float bravely into the darkness of the mine. As the song goes, “You sweat a little water and you sweat a little blood / And you might get out if the mine don’t flood.”

Opened in 1968, The Flooded Mine was one of Silver Dollar City’s first major attractions, and it’s still a lot of fun today. The addition of laser guns and targets in the 1990s added another layer of fun, giving guests the opportunity to compete for glory as the highest scoring sharpshooter.


Fire-In-The-Hole, opened in 1972, has the honor of being Silver Dollar City’s very first roller coaster. This 3-story indoor steel coaster and dark ride was a pretty big deal back in the day. Today it’s a perennial favorite for guests who have grown up coming to Silver Dollar City, but it also manages to charm new guests with its quaint scenes and surprise drops.

Based on an Ozarks legend, Fire-In-The-Hole takes you through the village of Marmaros which has been set ablaze in the night by The Baldknobbers. Get ready for a wild ride as you and the villagers flee the burning town. It could be worse though…just ask poor old Red Flanders.


Uh-oh. We have another hair-raising mine situation over at Thunderation. There’s a runaway mine cart and the whole place is about to blow. Hop aboard and blast down the track of this classic wooden roller coaster.

Opened in 1993, Thunderation was Silver Dollar City’s first large-scale roller coaster and it paved the way for giants like WildFire® and Outlaw Run®. Thunderation is one of those rides everyone can agree on – thrilling enough for coaster aficionados to enjoy, yet mild enough for less enthusiastic daredevils to brave.

Try this classic ride quiz to find out if you're a Silver Dollar City expert!

Classic Rides Quiz

1. Have you ever encountered the Bolin brothers while riding the Frisco Silver Dollar Line? What are their first names?

a. Larry & Jerry
b. Donnie & Johnny
c. Alfie & Ralphie
d. Billy Joe & Bobby

2. Which of these is an alternative name for Thunderation?

a. Rumble in the Wilderness
b. TNT
c. Mayhem in the Mine
d. Wild Thunder

3. In an iconic scene from The Flooded Mine, prisoner Fred and his accomplice are trying to escape. What does Fred's cohort advise him to stop doing?

a. Lollygagging
b. Monkeying Around
c. Dillydallying
d. Goofing Off

4. In Fire-In-The-Hole, what article of clothing did the Bald Knobbers steal from poor Red Flanders?

a. His Long Johns
b. His Hat
c. His Socks
d. His Pants

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