Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Research & Development Process

Every time you sit down for a delicious, home cooked meal at Silver Dollar City, there’s no doubt you’re having a dining experience like no other theme park in the world provides. Whether it’s calico potatoes from Hatfield’s Tater Patch, a pizza from Crossroads Pizza or smoked ribs from Riverside Ribhouse — the diverse cuisine at Silver Dollar City is authentic and made with love. 

In 2017, visitors will experience a food scene at Silver Dollar City like never before during the celebration of The Year of Food and Crafts. More than 200 new handcrafted specialty foods will be available throughout the season. 

A Passion For Innovation

Cody Kingsley is one of the master chefs that helped craft Silver Dollar City’s new cuisine options and she says it’s in her blood. “Food is my passion,” she said. “I have always cooked since I was a little girl and always knew that I wanted to continue that in my career.” 

Kingsley came up with Silver Dollar City’s award-winning pretzel dog — a foot-long hot dog on a stick, wrapped in pretzel dough and baked to perfection. She’s also had an integral role in creating the park’s pretzel brats, gourmet brownies, barbecue sundaes, desserts in a jar, fried Oreos on a stick, fried veggies on a stick and dessert pizzas. 

It can be stressful, but it is a fun stressful,” Kingsley said, referring to coming up with new items for guests. “The most rewarding part is knowing that the guests have enjoyed what I have created for them. I like to take things and make them creative and different from anything they've ever seen.” 

Kingsley adds she’s most proud of creating the barbecue sundaes for The Year of Food and Crafts. The barbecue sundaes will make their debut during Bluegrass & BBQ, May 4-29.

“The barbecue sundae is taking every delicious barbecue item we have and pretty much putting it in a jar like a sundae.” ~Cody Kingsley

Crafted With Pride

Patrick Chrisman has been working with food at Silver Dollar City for more than eight years and says he takes great pride in his work. 

"The process is looking at it and thinking ‘Is this something that fits with the Silver Dollar City theme? Is this something we can do on location in the park? And is it something people will want to buy?'" ~Patrick Chrisman

Chrisman says it’s rewarding to be able to “hang his hat” on a product people like. “I came up with the original recipe for the frozen strawberry drink that we have out here on park,” he said. “To be able to say, ‘Hey, I came up with that and people love it!’” 

A legacy of excellence

There’s no question the food at Silver Dollar City is what visitors to the park have loved and cherished for decades. If you’ve visited over the last 40 years, you’ve probably tasted something delectable created by Donna Godley. She’s been involved in everything from pizza to chocolate covered bacon to Mason jar desserts. 

“It feels really good that you came up with idea that you like and that other people will enjoy,” ~Donna Godley

Godley is most proud of a lemon raspberry dessert she prepared for the Showboat Branson Belle but her creations for The Year of Food and Crafts may give that one a run for its money. Look for her chocolate covered bacon to debut during the all-new The Festival of Wonder, April 6-30, and for her Mason jar desserts to make an appearance during Bluegrass & BBQ

The chefs at Silver Dollar City have been putting their creative minds to work for months to make The Year of Food and Crafts a time to bring friends and family together around amazing food — and because of their hard work, you won’t be disappointed!

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