Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Is For Kids

There are plenty of reasons to love summer no matter what your age, but for kids, summer is really a magical time. The days are longer, the bedtimes are later and the schedules are looser. Those childhood memories of freedom and fun stay with you always, soft and faded like a well-worn pair of cut-offs and sweeter than a watermelon in July.

Many of those memories can be traced back to family vacations and the time spent together with the people we love just having fun. This summer at Silver Dollar City Attractions there are so many ways to drink in the magic of childhood. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Kids are going to remember the pure joy of plunging down the track on their very first roller coaster. They’re going to remember the glee of spinning and twirling on their favorite rides. And, they’re definitely going to remember that time mom got drenched from head to toe on Lost River of the Ozarks.


Memories are all about experiences. They'll remember feelings, whether they’re warm and fuzzy like hugging a real-life version of their favorite cartoon character, calm like hearing a great story read aloud, joyful like the sweet victory of winning a cupcake eating contest or the excitement of discovering new ways to play.


Food is a vital part of memory-making and summer at Silver Dollar City is full of flavors that kids can't resist. There are wild, wacky and wonderful treats that you just won’t get at home. There are classic flavors that you come back to time and time again. There's even a new buffet designed with young palates in mind that they're sure to love.

Water PLay

What would summer be without lots and lots of water!  With over 13 acres to explore, White Water gives kids plenty of opportunities to soak up the simple joy of splashing around under the summer sun. There are thrill slides for bigger adventurers, activity pools for the whole family and an all-new play area just for the smaller water lovers in your family.


Dressing up and pretend play are two things that supercharge kids' imaginations. Each Sunday all summer long aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, transport them into a world of whimsical fairy-tale fun by taking them on a Princess & Pirate Cruise. Each adventure gives them the opportunity to interact with real princesses and pirates, take part in exciting activities, and enjoy a delicious meal and an entertaining musical stage show!

So, get those kiddos out for some good old summertime fun and they’ll collect memories like fireflies on a hot summer night.

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