Friday, April 14, 2017

This Week In Photos: April 14

What's been going on this week at The City? Check out the newest batch of photos for a look at all of the fun!

The new Festival of Wonder shows, including Balancing Wonders, have been wowing audiences.
The Balancing Wonders show in Riverfront Playhouse includes juggling, acrobatics, live music and more.
The Flamenco Kings in the Opera House stars the ultra-talented Vivancos brothers.
Their unique style includes traditional flamenco with elements of martial arts, ballet and modern dance.
Speed painter Dan Dunn creates incredible works of art at an astonishing pace.
Foods of Wonder in the Frisco Freight Barn features unexpected foods to delight your taste for adventure.
Don't forget dessert! The Outrageous Sweets showcase features an array of extraordinary confections.
Over at White Water, construction is under way on the all-new Coconut Cove kids' play area.

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